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Sure, why not. My first road bike, that I did my learners test on, was an XJ750 Yamaha. Lived on that bike. Had no car, rain, hail, or shine I rode. A semi with a missing fuel cap dumped about 40 litres of diesel across the road on a sharp bend in front of me one morning, when the XJ had about 70,000km on it. I knew I was screwed before the bike disappeared from under me. Sliding across the road I thought I'd got away with it, as I could see the bike was relatively unharmed. Then as it hit the dirt it bounced spinning into the air....and I slid under it to cushion it's landing.

Being a poorly paid apprentice it was heartbreaking to see my new, not fully insured bike, trashed. I stripped it down while the gravel rash was still healing, threw away the bent and broken bits, and started modifying and upgrading, whilst enjoying public transport (not).

This instilled in me a lifelong need to modify things. Once I realised how easy it is, I couldn't stop. Just warning you up front. You too may get bitten by the bug.

The issue with braking as previously mentioned is a significant one for a learner. When I was getting back into off roading the under sprung under damped front ends were a big control issue. It was an issue that wasn't going away.

Firm up the front end and everything changes.

Otherwise, in rocky off road riding you will become familiar with the "stall and fall" dismount. Especially at 5'10".

The factory low seat helps heaps.
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