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Originally Posted by HappyCRNA View Post
Another good MSF resource that's not offered at all MSF courses is their Dirtbike School. The large MSF facility in Alpharetta, GA, offers the BRC, ERC, ATV school, Trike school, and several different dirtbike courses (one day, two day, family fun dirt school, skirts in the dirt women only dirt school) and it's an absolute blast. Look around in your area - I hope there are other MSF facilities that offer this, it's been invaluable. I took the two day class last year for the first time, put about 8500mi on my DR650 (and it wasn't upright all the time! ) then took it again last month with some girlfriends. Tremendous difference in what I could do this year compared with last year.
I will have to see if they offer something like that here, thanks!
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