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I went to Hanoi to bike shop this weekend and bought a 2007 Yamaha TTR 250 with motard wheels. I bought it from Flamingo Travel. It was a good experience. The transaction was easy and they went out of their way for me.

In front of Flamingo travel's shop before heading back to Quang Ninh province (where I live).
I don't have my proper riding jacket. My wife is bringing it from the States when she comes next month. I was able to get what looks like a good rain suit for $10. We'll see how it holds up once I wear it.

This is a brand new road that more directly connects the road that goes North of Ha Long bay back down to the road that we normally take. It saves a little bit of time, it's way safer because there's very little traffic, and it's awesome.

Paid $2 for a rửa xe (bike wash). They took a few minutes longer than the time it took me to walk across the street to buy fruit at the market. The lady even loaned me a knife to cut a piece of fruit while I was waiting for him to finish.
People act like this bike is a Desmosedici. I guess there's not a lot of these types of bike out here in the sticks.

This drive normally takes 5 hours in a car. I did it in around 3 and a half. There's usually a small strip of real estate to get by the traffic jams so I was able to save a lot of time that a car has to wait to get by slower traffic. There's a lot of road construction so I would just stand up and go over the rough stuff.
I didn't really have any big issues. I think I've pretty much figured out the "rules" of the road. I had several times where there was a big ass bus in my lane but I handled it ok. It seems that they won't pinch you off to a situation where you have nowhere to go.
There was a Toyota Camry right in front of me that passed a bus that was passing a truck. They were three abreast in front of me. Everyone handled it well and they all got all back in line before the next oncoming car showed up.

Overall, it was a fun ride and I'm looking forward to touring around with my wife on the weekends and eventually doing the Ho Chi Minh trail.
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