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I've been toying with the notion of camping in Yosemite. The family grazed it in late June while on vacation, but I'd like to see more and with the fires I'm guessing there won't be as many people as in June. Well, how to get there from here, right? Looks like I've got a few options, but I'd like to avoid just making for I-80 for a couple of reasons. The smoke is alleged to be making life miserable NE of the park, so I need to enter somewhere South.. I kind of eyeball it and decide I'll take minor roads across Nevada. Okay, so now I've got to get from Cortez, Colorado, to, well, oh hell, I'll just head for Moab where I can look at a bunch of maps and be in Moab..

Getting there..

I love the idea of carving out a home from the rock. I hate the idea of turning it into a tourist trap.

I think this place may be the motherlode of maps..

I get squared away pretty quickly and easily. It looks like a run on I-70 across the state and then a bit of I-15 and I'll be able to get on some 2-lane roads across Nevada. Away from it all, if you will. I don't stay long.

More road work..

It's another great day to be on the bike..

Quick lunch in Green River, then some quality time with some chain lube not too far down the road..

things start to look swell..

Pit stop at the confluence of I-70 and I-15 brings me a better sense of self..

Then it's South again, back into some weather..

The road to Hell is paved...
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