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Originally Posted by tsimmons View Post
The sadest looking courthouse so far.....(it is a converted school building)

I couldn't locate the historical marker but here is a link that has it....

1994 Flooding of the Baker County Courthouse

Old Baker County Courthouse

Location: Newton

GPS Coordinates : 31.31755, 84.34223

Date Built: Unknown

Architectural Style:

Designer: Unknown

Baker County was created on Dec. 12, 1825. Twelve days later, the legislature passed an act organizing the county and providing that the house of William Howards serve as the site for holding court and handling other county business until a courthouse could be built. On Dec. 16, 1828, the legislature designated the town of Byron as county seat. Shortly afterwards, a courthouse was built in Byron, though details about the structure are missing. In 1831, the legislature moved the county seat to a land lot more centrally located and named commissioners with responsibility for having a courthouse and jail built. Apparently, nothing was done for the following six years, as the legislature in 1837 appointed a new group of commissioners to oversee building of a county courthouse. At some point, a courthouse was built in the new town of Newton. In 1874, the legislature authorized Baker County to borrow up to $5,000 to build a new courthouse. At some point thereafter, county officials built a courthouse -- but it exceeded the $5,000 authorized by the legislature. In 1881, the legislature passed an act allowing Baker County to levy a special tax for 1881 and 1882 to pay off the debt for building the court house and repairing public bridges. This building was replaced with a new courthouse in 1900. Renovations to the 1900 courthouse were required because of major flooding of the Flint River in 1925, 1929, and 1994. The devastating flood of 1994 brought waters from the Flint River almost to the second floor of the courthouse. As a result, Baker County officials moved to a vacant school building several blocks away. This building served as temporary courthouse for six years. In 2000, the county remodeled a vacant school building adjacent to the temporary courthouse and made it new courthouse.
The abandoned courthouse was standing on the abandoned town square a year ago. Sort of spooky.
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