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Originally Posted by Alcan Rider View Post
Henry Ford was once quoted as saying that if Ford were to be the sole provider of parts for Ford vehicles, they could give the cars away for free.
That's the way I see motorcycle manufactures heading.......only they are charging for the bikes. Here in Alaska that is biting them in the ass. Look at all the bitching about dealers on here.

There is no way a dealer up here can carry all the parts for the variety of makes and models they sell. That I can understand. The manufactures won't sell the diagnostic equipment to anyone but the dealer. So the dealers have a monopoly. Whenever, there is a monopoly on anything the service is usually poor and the prices high. Competition is what brings service up and prices down. Remember how MTA used to treat people when they were the only show in town???

Over the years I have bought several new cars, pickups and a commercial dump truck from dealers. I have only used a dealers service for warranty work. Other than that I do the work myself or it goes to a local mechanic because I get better service and prices from them. It ain't rocket science.

While I like to see people buy local.....and many do. I try to myself. BUT the majority will vote with their wallet. I know I do when the service sucks......cause there is no excuse for that.
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