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I skirt most of the rain, but get a little (it was good for a needed cool-down) as I blast down the interstate.

I find my turn and head West..


Soon I'm in Nevada (if not already) and find fuel and a candy bar for dinner..

Lots of time to be in my own head out here. Nice..

Chain needs some more lovin' and adjustment..

I ride 5 miles South to top-off the tank, then backtrack to the start of The Extraterrestrial Highway..

Those mountains are at least 20 miles away..

The reverse angle..


I'm not entirely certain what the rules of the road are, but I'm probably going to defer to the cow..

It's gotta be the aliens..

Of course, I'm doing my part...

Although there is nothing that makes riding into the light at dusk much better than bearable, light-wise when it's open range land..

I got a room at the Best Western in Tonopah and took a walk in search of vittles..

Kind of a creepy town after dark, and I didn't feel safe..

I ended up walking the other direction to the Shell station convenience store across from the motel. A couple of guys hanging around out front followed me inside, circled and one of them tried to chat me up. The guy behind the counter wouldn't take his eyes off them even while ringing me up for pop tarts and a gatorade (I paid in loose change). They followed me out and got on either side, so I ran out into the street in front of a serendipitously-timed car. It honked, they scattered and I ran back to the motel. It was not a high point of the trip.

But nothing happened so maybe I'm just reading too much into it..

Today's miles..

The road to Hell is paved...
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