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Perhaps I was unclear before, Mick. Buy the moonbarking bicycle. As much money as you have influenced me to spend over the past year, buy the bicycle. We're going mountain biking. If you don't buy a mountain bike, I'm gonna walk down to Starbucks and order a triple espresso. It will be made with red bull instead of water. I will drink that on the way to your house. When you answer the door, I will barge past you, cuff myself to your coffee table & begin to tear apart your sofa with my teeth. At that point, the red-bull laden triple-espresso should be embedded deeply in my circulatory system. After the police cut me out of your apartment and jail me, I will post bail and continue to repeat this process. After a few repetitions of this, Betsy will simply lock me out of the house. Then I'll have NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN DRINK ESPRESSO & CHEW ON YOUR FURNITURE, MICK. So maybe it's in your best interest to buy a bicycle so we can go mtn biking.
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