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Hey everyone. Well, I guess I'd better put the story together for everyone. This might be done in a few instalments, as I can't type for too long before the pain in my hand gets a bit much sitting here at the computer. (I think I could ride, but not type - silly huh!)

So I'll start at the beginning, albeit without my roadbook scrolls to refer to for memory joggers, as that's still in the Aurora Mark1 roadbook unit on the bike.

So it was Thursday morning and I was actually running slightly ahead of time for heading up to the Wanneroo Showgrounds, some 60kms North of my home. I had the trailer fully loaded the night before and only had to throw a few things together in the morning to be underway. I'd been up late the night before trying on my new riding gear and trying to see what worked and what didn't. Trying to get new body armour to work with new Fox 360 shirts and pants and my old Leatt neck brace took several attempts. I got it sorted in the end but realised I was going to miss Ben (Topo) when getting kitted up i the mornings - no, not for rubbing stuff down there, for lifting the jacket with drink bladder inside it into place over the neck brace. I really must thank Monza Imports for helping me out with the flash new gear. My general theme for the bike is "black and white with a splash of orange", and the colours of the new gear works a treat.

My first port of call was in to see Brock and the team at Causeway KTM & Ducati to get the security tag removed from one of the pairs of Fox gloves that accidentally got missed on Wednesday. Brock had mentioned he was keen to see the bike in the flesh, so I suspect he left it on purpose so I'd have to pass by the shop on my way to Wanneroo. Things started to look bad when I couldn't find the key to unlock the back door of the trailer. I rang home and got the wife to check the driveway in case they'd been dropped there, but to no avail. Then the guy in the next door shop said he lived 10 minutes away and could bring back a grinder. Just as e was about to leave, both Brock and him pointed at a non-descript white van that pulled into the shop carpark and both said "maybe he can help" as they both pointed at the van. Turns out the customer is a locksmith. In about 10 seconds he had the padlocks open to my $50k keyless dirtbike!!! I later found the keys in the trailer. So, the trip continued to Wanneroo for the scrutineering slot at 12:10pm.

I got to the show grounds without drama and plenty early. The first face to bump into just happened to be ADV's own photographer extraordinaire - "Sylvia" (Ross) and he wasted no time in recruiting me for a photo session.

After that I lined up for scrutineering. I had to wait for ages (I can't complain because I pushed in early) and just as they got to my bike I got called to a photo shoot for the Dakar Challenge - with my bike. Got to shake hands with a couple of the "competition", including inmate Ryan from the USA. Returning from that I waited in line again for scrutineering. Finally got through that with no issues (they even went through every single item in my first aid kit and tried to pull me up for not having "an energy bar", to which I responded by showing them in the Supp Reg's that it states the energy bar is "recommended but not compulsory". I had checked the Reg's when I overheard them ask a few previous competitors the same thing.

Time for a break now. Till a bit later.
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