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Originally Posted by MplsMoto View Post
This looks like a great unit, but I have a few questions regarding the programmability.

Is the software available in a Mac version? If it's PC only, what version of windows does it support?

I have old PC laptops (boat anchor) that I use for testing, but my primary machine - the one I carry with me on the bike - is MacBook Air with the latest version of the OS (10.8.5).

If a Mac version is not available, are you willing to share the API hooks and ducumentation so I can write my own iPhone/iPad app (I'm a professional developer)? I'd be interested in building both a Apple and Android version of the app. A bluetooth module would be a great addition to your unit.
Certainly works with XP thru Win7. No Mac version . We program these with Macs running Windoze under Parallels Desktop, no problem.

Contact Rowe Electronics, directly, to see about offering up an API.
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