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I installed new copper head gaskets. The Indian service manual mentions using some sort of jointing compound on the copper head gasket, while the Royal Enfield manual I have says nothing. As part of the modification to improve engine breathing, I put a threaded plug in the oil port that is sealed by the head gasket.

I did not use any sort of sealant on the head gasket.

A bit of time and assembly passed between these two pictures.
I could not find woodruff keys for the cam gears in all my boxes of stuff. So I found the closest thing I could at the autoparts store and trimmed them down to fit.
I cleaned and blew out the external oil lines and put them on.
I double checked the point gap in the magneto, then put the mag. on and set the timing.

Next I lapped the oil pumps cleaned everything up, lubricated and assembled the shaft, pumps and put the timing cover on.

There are a few little details to sort out now. I'm missing one timing cover screw, I need to reassemble a carburetor and I need to find spark plugs and assemble spark plug wires, but essentially the engine is together. It may be a while before the engine is running, so as I assembled the engine I heavily lubricated everything with a mixture of oil and STP. This is a common procedure in aircraft engines. Thought it would work well here too.

Now what's next? I've been waiting to get the engine back together to tear into a transmission. Now I might wait on that. It was full of oil still and seems to spin and shift well.

I ordered stainless steel spokes. I've never laced a wheel before, but I think that's what I'll try next.
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