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Originally Posted by RedRocket View Post
The way you put it, that sounds like it would have been a possible scenario.
Helluva chance for a driver to take though, trying to walk from a multi million $ contract.


Waltrip said Friday that he wouldn't hold Truex Jr., back, and if the 33-year-old sought work and opportunity elsewhere, such a split would be amicable.

"We asked if we could have a little time to try to figure this out and he agreed to that," Waltrip said of his conversation with Truex Jr. "If he came to me tomorrow and said I've got a deal to go do something, then obviously I would not hold him back. His support and loyalty for our organization has been amazing. He drove some kind of crappy cars when he first got to our shop. We were able to build those cars better, make them faster and he's been able to be a race-winning Chase guy. I owe him a lot for his loyalty and his passion for our team.

"I wouldn't hold him back from doing something that he wanted to do but what I would like him to do is hang around so we can attract a sponsor and keep him in our cars."
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