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Originally Posted by WindSailor View Post
I think this point is really overlooked. I too had to lower the aim, it is a shame the high and low beam are connected to the same adjustment arm. This just goes to show you how much brighter the HID system is over the stock H7 bulb. The light throw is almost identical to the stock bulb on my system.

My HID setup (Morimoto's) have been good for 2+ years now with no failures. I think it's the luck of the draw no matter what the price ... if you have a good system your golden for years. Would I go back? No. I can't argue with success, that doesn't mean I don't want to tinker with it some more...

I too have been told it's the H7 bulb (inferior bulb). Maybe too it's more sensitive to certain issues like bad connections etc than other bulbs. If I did go back I would certainly make sure all of the connections to the bulb were absolutely -tight-. After reading a lot of posts on the H7 bulb failures - I would definitely suspect the bulb connector and connections first - that and oily fingers too! Bulbs aren't the easiest thing to change on the fly. You would think that if the low beam circuit is computer controlled and monitored it shouldn't have power supply issues...
Loose/bad/melted connections and connectors were definately a problem on the earlier 1200's, as is the POS wire retainer.
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