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First overnight trip... didn't go as planned at all!

i left my house Saturday morning thinking it i was doing an overnighter camping trip. First time for me. I was stoked for camping!

I knew it was going to rain but i checked different sites and all said it was going to rain around 3 or 4 in the afternoon and stop in the middle of night... only one was true.

I was about 50 miles East of Stockton along highway 4 when the rain started. At first it was just drizzles and drops here and there, no issue. Then it started to rain cats and dogs! I stopped for lunch in hopes of waiting out the rain... i checked the radar on my phone and got THIS...

To my surprise, it stopped raining. I got mback outside to get my gear on, and at this point i realize my gloves and jacket were literally dripping water! this is was no bueno. But i figured it was that chilly so i would be ok.. i could deal with cold. Eventually I got to 7200 ft elevation... and the rain came back full force. At this point the temperature had dropped to low 40s... and i was soaked from head to toe! Against my urge to ride, I decided ot get a hotel room in the first lodge i see. I ask if they have anything and they say yes starting at $75... but no electricity or heater... i look and her with my gear dripping and say " I need a heater lady" so the next price was $275 for a six person cabin!! I asked if there was anywhere else i could go and she directed me down the road, and off i went reeaally fast! The hotel clerk at the other lodge was very nice. I notice he had a little of an accent.... an accent I'm very familiar with, French. I asked him if he was from France, he said yes! At first he wasn't very enthused by my asking, but when I spoke to him in French, he quickly lightened up. We went on speaking about and where we currently lived and blah blah blah. So after some taking he said they had a room available for $135 with taxes. Now for a Lodge that ain't half bad! But for me, that s wayyyyyy to much. I asked if he had any cheaper or if there was a lodge close by that might have cheaper. He looked at me, in my literally stopping soaking wet gear and said, " let me see something." Typed some stuff on the computer and said he gave me the condo owner discount, coming to $50!!! That French connection helped I'm sure! :lol I asked him to book it! While he was typing up the stuff on the computer, I asked him if there was somewhere covered to Park my bike. He gave me his personally key to a locked garage for actual condo owners! I was shocked by his hospitality! This really made me realize that there are still good people or there!

Shortly after stepping into my room, I see huge flash outside (keep in mind its noon) and then a loud rumble.... LIGHTENING! That was awesome! I then started cleaning up my stuff and hanging up my gear to dry. I was able to squeeze a glass full of water from each sleeve of my jacket! After I loss feeding on my hands while riding, i figured it was time to quit... But I Gotta say, I didn't expect THAT much water!

After hanging up and don't all my Stuff, I decided to go downstairs. On my way down I noticed there was something heavier than train falling from the sky, it's hailing now! I thought that was also quite awesome! I went downstairs n, dips some reading for my classes and noticed Oahe the Window rider war something different falling from the sky, it's SNOWING!? The It's a good inch of snow on the ground now and I'm sitting here with 5 other bikes wondering how on earth we are going to get out of here tomorrow!!

We had another 20-30 folks come in because the pass was now closed due to snow. i am SO glad i stopped when i did... it could have been hell! So we all spent the night drinking and laughing with the other bikes, some folks i met from the UK and a whole bunch of others! What. A. Night!

The following day though, i got up around 8, everything was melting away... fast! I took my time to give the snow more time to melt and by the time i left at 10, the roads were almost completely dry! The scenery was fantastic and the ride was absolutely amazing! I was supposed to ride 4, to 89 to 135, back down to 120 and then home, but i went up 4 and came right back down.. i did that A because of time and B) i didnt really get the enjoy the ride there so i figured might as well try it again! All in all, it was a FANTASTIC adventure... i can say it was certainly that... an adventure lol it was just amazing!

here are the pictures...

Drive?! Why?! Cars have too many wheels... just makes me feel... awkwardly stable... I'll ride thank you!v
Not knowing where you are going in part of the adventure! :loll
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