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Well everything went well for the recovery. Well at least for the first 6 months. Back on the bike riding, most road but hey, that was a good start.
But I was having trouble putting pressure on my arm (pushing). Standing up etc.
Turns out the implant had come loose and was wearing at the bone. This in turn had put my wrist out of alignement by about 4 mm. Not much but enough to cause issues.

The short of it is, they went in 2 weeks ago and replaced the replacment with a different sort of prosthesis.
It has realigned my wrist and I now have no pain and probably more movement than I did before the latest op.

It can only get better from here....

Sorry no Xrays to share this time...

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I became a 3 time inductee in November 2012.
Previous to this latest effort, I already had a screw in my knee from an ACL reco a couple of years earlier. I had 1 screw removed as it started to work its way out. I've also had pins in the thumb but they worked their way out too and had to be removed.

All bike related

The latest effort included five hours of surgery as 90% of the soft tissue was torn from the bone.

Still recovering but hopefully I'll be back on the bike in about 4-6 weeks.

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