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I made it to Liard hot springs, it was amazing ride, from the Rockies to the Prairies . Nice day on the saddle, weather was great. Long stretch for one day but it was spectacular. I setup my tent and went to the naturally located hot springs. Relaxing after long day on the saddle.
Only downsize, no running water for a shower. The water from the springs has light smell plus three days of no showers... Maybe tomorrow.

During the ride through the long stretches I stopped the bike in the middle of the road to take pictures and watch the wildlife. It was quiet, calm, relaxing. While riding there is enough time to think about everything in life, the mind takes me to many places. The mix of nature, man and a machine is what so special. Every once in a while I'm standing up on the pegs to stretch my legs and my body, the wind blowing in my face and its great feeling. The road has gravel sections; some have signs before to warn the drivers some don't. In a day or two I'll reach the top of the world HWY, the first gravel road in this trip. I can't wait. I haven't seen much of adventure riders on the road yet. I was hoping to see lots of bikes but this is not the case yet. It is early June, maybe too early in the season. I met today a couple from Florida, and a couple from New Zealand that are going to Alaska.

6/7/13- In the AM I left the Liard hot spring, I had a breakfast at the lodge, I asked the lady for the internet access code but she refused…She says nope....only for guests…Okay…
I rode all the way to Whitehorse, Yukon. I stopped at Watson Lake, nice little town. I visited the signs post forest at the visitor center. The lady at the visitor was nice and she recommended to go to Whitehorse via emerald lake. I had good lunch at Kathy’s kitchen, I shared a table with people from Minnesota. They were on the way south from Alaska.
Emerald lake is beautiful, magnificent and peaceful. I arrived at WH late afternoon. I stayed at the hotel for change. I had hot shower and did the laundry.
I was very tired, skipped dinner, anyways all stores closed at 9pm. The sun never set in this part of the world at this time of the year. The drive in Yukon reminded me the tundra while riding in James Bay road in the east. My tires need to be changed, they start cracking and the profile is low. I'll replace them in Fairbanks.

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