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Day 2

Special 490 km
Transport 10 km

The stage started with a sand dune areas for approximately 50 km and I got lost totally in the beginning and I there blaming/ swearing to myself, found the first WP and no tracks, no signs of other riders, went back to a point there I recognized myself in the RB and made a new try with the same result gave up and headed for next WP, trying to identify myself in the RB after some time some other riders followed me who started 15 min later, finally I started to recognize myself, but I there way down in the field. This a problem I have if I'm not 100% convinced that I'm right in the RB I really loose speed.

During the rest of the stage to RCP who there at 250 km I picked up some riders, but needed to slow down the last 50 km as I there on the limit with fuel, came in to RCP extremely disappointed on myself, but there told by my brother that I only came in 5 min after him.

Right before RCP rider 17 crashed at a high speed and we have to wait at RCP for additional 1 hours as the helicopter needed to bring him to UB for medical treatment.

Right after RCP we should cross a river, with very high water flow, one of the cars there stuck in the middle of the river and started to drift due to the water flow , well we decided to help each other over the river and a few local joined us, we started with the 660 and with the high exhaust we could use the engine and with the strength of 3 people we managed to get it over without drowning it.

Totally exhausted we started to walk back to collect the 570, here we plugged the exhaust and pushed the bike over and finally we managed to reach the other side of the river.

Due to this I lost some motivation and there quite exhausted to continue push for the rest of the stage.

At the end of the stage I raced together with a local rider, but he forget the rules that you stop racing a the time sign and slowdown before the reaching the time keepers, he crashed in to me at the time keepers and as I there quite disappointed with my day I told him a few thing that I normally don't and smashed his helmet a couple of times, finally I cooled down and we agreed to shake hands.

11 position and dropped to 9th in the total and my brother in front of me both in stage and total
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