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Originally Posted by ked View Post
it's been a while since i visited your thread. Renner has stepped foot in the Hack section and it reminded me to visit Airhead section. i hope that his acknowledgement that he knows me doesn't sabotage his reputation among the Hackers.

i like the cafe build. it sure has transformed over the last year.

hope you're doing well. nice cover photo on AirMail magazine

Thanks for your kid words Keith! and thanks for reminding me to post an update...

Long story short:
I never replaced the timing chain. I reduced the points gap and that seemed to do the trick. (thanks Ted Porter!) And right after I figured that out my dual plug parts came:) All went well with the install except it turned out that my brand new Dyna ignition booster was bad right out of the box. I'm currently waiting for the Beemershop to send me a replacement. Then recently i had some charging problems and it seems to be that used diode board I had just installed. Luckily John from ThunderChild diode boards lives in San Diego and we got that sorted out:)
At the moment, the only problem I'm aware of with the bike is some popping on deceleration. I just tighted and inspected all the exhaust joints and carb boots and I believe the popping is diminished somewhat and my next step is to really dial in the carb adjustments... but the bike is running nicely and I'm enjoying riding it around:)

some pics:

new dual plug parts!

advance limiting bushings on the ATU (this is how Ted Porter likes to do the timing on dual plugged bikes)

I changed the crankcase vent to the reed style...

new catch can

before i determined the diode board was at fault, there was much suspicion of the rotor, so the alternator cover was removed and everything cleaned and inspected (I'm almost due for new brushes)

new diode board and voltage regulator (the old regulator was working, but i figured "why not?")

I went out to a new local moto swap meet this weekend

I hope everyone is well!
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