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Originally Posted by Audaciter View Post
You are doing it wrong!

I LOVED my Proty.

The sides and rear are squishy as hell. Frontal armor is beast. Stay with your support, and beat the hell out of the enemy.

You do have to learn how to play with a tank that is so slow. The maps are entirely different, because by the time you chug to where you normally would go, the battle has evolved.

Give it time, you may grow to love the T28. For what it's worth, the T30 and T110 have similar stats in that they have squishy sides and rear, with good turret armor...Both of those don't have the beefy frontal plate that the T28 has though.

I've been aiming for the T110E4. Did you end up there or with the E3?

I feel that once I get the big gun, I'll really like it. Only 5k xp until that which I could knock out tonight easily. Upped the engine already and that helped a little. Much more driveable.
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