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I changed my rear tire last wknd, and the tool fit my axle perfectly (no shim needed, like for my front). I had to show someone at my garage how easy it is, because it really looks like magic... took less than 2 minutes to seat the bead.*

*It should be noted that it took me over an hour to get to the starting point- one bead inside the rim, and one bead outside. I've seen people do this online using their hands, and it takes 30 seconds. I had soap on the bead and was using all my body weight (jumping on the thing!), spoons, whatever. It actually took 2 of us using a freaking No-Mar Changer just to get one bead over the rim! The sidewall is ridiculously stiff (Motoz Tractionator)- I could probably ride with 3 psi if I wanted. My friend couldn't believe I wanted to remove the tire from the No-Mar to finish the job, but when he saw how fast it was, he was shocked. I just need to figure out how to get started... the easy part of changing a tire.
I used the tool to put the first bead on also, worked fine. Did you try it?
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