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Originally Posted by Shibby! View Post
Wise words Bill!

My time in Central America was limited but there has not been a day go by without thinking of the trip and wanting to go back... The sex / quiting the job / leaving comment AK mentioned was bang on.

Great RR AK! I got in late but just finished and thoroughly enjoyed it. I know they can be a ton of work, so just letting you know it was enjoyed!
Thx man. Did I miss someting? What do you mean when you say "The sex / quiting the job / leaving comment AK mentioned was bang on." When did we talk about sex?

I agree with living "simple" but that word's meaning varies widly for many people. We say simple but when guys here buy badass and sometimes expensive motos we . hmmmmm I know I know motos are always an exception haha.

I think I live pretty damn simple but I know that toys with motors bring a smile to my face. The more I travel it seems I fall into the trend of the less material things I desire even more than desire the less value they seem to have to life. But damn I like cool motorcycles!

I have learned a lot about my self in the past few years. Most if not all of that learning was done by getting out of my comfort zone. I am truly a contradiction. I am an "analytical dreamer"! I operate on an engine designed by logic but fueled by dreams, adventure and adrenaline.

My inner struggle of what to do next continues while I forfill obligations at work made for time away. One thing is clear to me and that is living a "traditional lifestyle" is not in my near future if in my future at all. I like the sounds of that.
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