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Onward towards another playa and our mountain tour goal

My bike came with this stupid thermometer dipstick that suddenly decided to fail. Engine oil is puddling on it then flicking little drops on to myself and dripping on the header for that wonderful burnt petroleum odor.

Who cares what temp the XR is? Stupid invention.

We stop at a junction to try and JB Weld the thing sealed.

It didnít work, now I have a slurry of hot oil and diluted JB Weld spooging around and stinking

KillUrTV on the 990

Beastly in the poof dust

Got to this really fun high-speed, rock free run.


N2Moto sequence

N2 swapped me his tranny plug off the 450 (not pressurized) and the leaking stopped - thanks N2!
Found our way up into the north end of the mountains


Heavy weather to the west of us. Hmmmm, thatís where weíre headed. Oh itíll just sprinkle a little, weíll be fine.

What's next? More action!
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