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It's scenes like this that remind me of what I / we miss out on when we stick with familiarity. I encourage everyone reading this to do one thing before the year is over: take a vacation day or a sick day. Pick a point on a map that's 4 hours away. And instead of going to work, drive to the point you picked, then turn around and drive back on a different route so you'll be home at roughly the same time you'd be home by had you actually gone to work. It's a day you'll never forget and you'll accomplish something you'll remember for the rest of your life. Hopefully you'll also be reminded of what you can see and accomplish in just one day....

The further north I went, the closer I came to the 'true' PacNW' (at least how I imagined it to be).

I pulled over on the side of the road, climbed down the rocks to take a leak, then looked up and saw this. Wish I could say I planned it, but it was merely the consequence of a bladder full of coconut juice vibrating at 5000 rpm.

Unfortunately the fog didn't last long and the sun came back out. There are lots of Tsunami warning signs, but I'm not sure how much good they could possibly do other than warn potential real estate investors that sometime in the next 200 years there could be some flooding and destruction.

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