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Laugh WOW!!! What I've missed...

My favorite part about this whole rant... How freaking smart my fellow AK motorcycle riders are! I love you guys.

Brendon... Way to keep up the good fight. Seems people think we're getting rich around here selling motorcycles, parts and accessories.

If you gotta buy stuff from Revzilla to save a few bucks, then you gotta do it. If you can come to terms with helping us stay in business by spending a few extra bucks on something that we sell, we appreciate it. Immensely.

There are so many variables involved... We pay shipping on accessories to our shop that RevZilla will ship to you for free. They service a nationwide client base that we are not privy to because of location.

Ideally we try to stock intelligent parts and accessories in our shop in Fairbanks. Then we try to keep your business in the store by offering VALUE ADDED SERVICES like suggesting why the products we've chosen are the best we've found in the marketplace. Our goal is to sell experience and expertise and we know that we cannot be the next RevZilla.

But what we can do is tell you where the kick ass rides are around our area. We can tell you which bikes perform better if you like to sniff out the wayward trail vs. crush immense miles down the AlCan... We can tell you which jackets and pants we find to work the best in AK, because we ride and we share the same passion as you do.

I can tell you from a simply personal perspective... I made WAY more money working as a carpenter than I make working at Trail's End BMW. But I love what I do. And I love the people that I've met and continue to meet. Sometimes working on strictly a dollar and cents basis is important. Sometimes there is greater quality to be had by spending a little more to support those that you live around. Maybe if I make more money, I'll be able to spend some of it at your business.

Then again, what do I know? I'm in Egypt eating $1 meals for the winter so I can afford to sell motorcycles in Alaska for another summer.

Cheers everyone! Support us local guys if you can afford to. We love you for it.
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