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Well, I decided to be an optimist and perform an over due oil change now instead of waiting for freeze-up. Who knows? Might get a few more thousand K on it......of course the back tyre is just about shot right now too and I'd rather leave that until spring.

Sooooooo..... I'll need some oil again in another month or so I guess. Anyone seen any good prices about town on 10W40 MC oil? It was on sale at CT the last time I bought it.

Fun times doing my first change too. Had to run out to Princess Auto for the 8mm allen socket that I wasn't aware that I needed**, then finish up after sun down in the piss poor lighting of the garage. Mad props to those bloody germans for requiring of us 3 different tools to get the skid plate off too (and to make it more interesting one stud came out of the case).

Just shy of 15,000km now. Not bad for mostly commuting. Unless someone has a great suggestion for a new long-lasting back tyre I don't see a lot of point in switching away from the Metzeler. It's worn flat now (hardly surprising), but it's made 15,000 k

** as compensation on the way home I saw someone going down Portage on a yellow sport bike in Biker Scout armor (star wars). I could not get a picture of this awesomeness.

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