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The ride after this lunch stop started to get a little hectic and I basically stopped taking photos.
  • The Professor had a get-off. I'll let him elaborate. We met a 90 year old rancher who had lived his whole life in the area and his son exploring on a side-by-side. The Professor scored a beer.
  • My bike stopped running just as the rain was starting to hit the mountains. It died suddenly when I hit a little bump so it had to have been some loose electrical connection. No blink codes to go by this time but wiggling all the wires including the infamous coil connectors. After that it ran perfectly the rest of the day (thank goodness)
  • By the time we hit Whitehorse ranch road, the rain was pelting us hard and we were getting wet and cold fast. ("It won't do more than sprinkle...")
  • Wach's bike needed a couple of fuel transfers to reach Fields on fumes.
What did I forget?

We arrived at Fields soaked and shivering just in time to get food orders in before the grill was shut down.
I sacrificed a space blanket/bag and made it into some very fashionable underwear. Wachs got in on the act. I will never NOT have one of those in my pack again. It worked like magic and I was comfy all the way back to camp.

As we were riding into Fields and getting warmed up, the thought coming to the fore for all of us was the state of the playa and our camp on the FAR side of it. N2Moto and I were especially concerned since we both had dogs couped up in the vans.
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