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Yea, it was the first get off of the entire trip for me. I digger into the ground as I was hammering my way up a rocky trail when the front wheel hits a rock and moves left, the momentum continues and the bike power-drives me into the ground at speed. I think I might have a concussion, then a deep breath tells me the ribs are affected. I have broken my ribs before and the feeling is unmistakeable.

Here are a couple of x-rays that I got on Monday:

In the center, you can see where rib 6 is broken and displaced

Rib 7 is fairly obvious on the left side.

The beer was great. If you are going to crash, its nice to have beverages delivered to you asap. I know there are some photos of me trying to get my shit together. Looking forward to seeing those, not!

I have a rule, now broken like ribs 6 and 7, "Don't borrow someone's bike or hold someone's baby, because you will either fall in love with it, or drop it" I dropped it! Hard.

After an appropriate amount of time, I decide I can ride out, there really is no option. But I'm still a little shaken up, so N2 takes my bike up the rest of the rocky uphill. I walk, slowly. Kicking it over is difficult, but fortunately adrenaline is working for me. At this point we still have over a hundred miles to camp. It is a very long and painful ride especially the washboard on White Horse Ranch Rd.
No more photos for me as it was all whiskey and ibuprofen after that.
We all survived that hella ride. More chaos awaits.
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