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Round Africa with a Surfboard

In 5 days I'm headed across Europe and down the west coast of Africa.

Awhile back I go the idea into my head to strap a surfboard to my motorcycle and ride around looking for waves.

After a fair bit of fiddling and research, a more solid plan formed to tackle Africa. On September 30th 2013, I fly from California to London to meet my beloved DR650. I'd like to circumnavigate the continent in about a year or so, in search of good waves and good times. Route will be something like this:

The plan is to take about 8 months riding from London to Cape Town and if all goes well enough, carry on up the east coast, give the surfboard away to some kid in Tanzania, run up Kilimanjaro, cross the Middle east, and back to Europe. Maybe another 6 months for the return.

This is me:

I'm 37, working as an environmental scientist in Santa Cruz, California mostly trying to solve water pollution problems. I've felt overdue for a trip like this for a long time now. During the past few years, I got myself a bike, learned to ride it on the road and in the dirt, bolted tons of crap to it, learned how to fix as much stuff as possible, lurked on the HUBB, watched Mondo Enduro at least 23 times, and set off on a few short motosurf adventures along the California and Baja coasts (see

Bike modifications completed, bike shipped, carnet acquired, vaccinations done, stuff sold, job quit, sanity checked, friends shocked, girlfriend kissed goodbye. Ready to move into my motorbike.

Stay tuned for updates...
two wheeled wave hunting dispatches
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