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Day One

So this ride starts in Cortez, Colorado with 5 good buddies---well 5 at first--then there were 4---then there were 3.
Some people have to work you know---and keep the economy going--and paying into my social security.

Here we are at Jeffs house who was so kind to let us park all our tow vehicles at his place in Cortez, Colorado.
We had a great dinner there and stayed the night.
Jeff would join us just for one day on his BMW1200GS
All the time driving out West I knew we where going to Jeff's house---however I was shocked when we got there--------I didn't know I knew him as Bash3r had arranged our stay there.
It was somewhere on Mobius 10 I think---near the parting of the ways I ran into him and Pax.

Day 1----September 1st, 2013

We would ride the 2 Back Country Discovery routes clockwise----and headed straight to 4 corners from Cortez where
Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arisona meet.

The last time I was here---with my son---4 corners was closed for renovation and my son never got to see it.

I spent many a night finding a route across the Navajo Indian reservation to connect the Colorado and Utah Back Country Discovery routes.
So from 4 corners we would start the Utah portion going North--but we went out across the reservation hoping my route would be a good one.

From 4 corners we rode the paved route 160 West a few miles and turned North onto the Indian reservation on Bia-5060.
"Bia" is Bureau of Indian Affairs.

I wish Jeff could have hung with us some more--but he had work obligations and probably new his bike wouldn't be suitable for all this ride anyway.

Me on the left---my WR250R would hit 45,000 miles on this trip.
Bill Asher's (right) WR250R was pretty new and low mileage.
Bill was just going to be able to ride with us for a week or so---it was great we got together to do a bigger ride together.
He lives not far from me and we've done a few shorter rides together in Illinois and Missouri.

Across the desert we go in perfect weather.

Part of the road was solid rock.

Somewhere out there the roads disappeared and we had to head South and ride some pavement on route 160 again.
I think out there was some land formation that was impassable---as there seemed to be no roads going all the way West to Mexican Hat.
Might have been a high mesa---bad deep canyon---I don't no ?????

We hit the highway just South of the little town of Mexican Hat, Utah and gassed up----then headed North a bit.
I'm not sure anybody knew why Mexican Hat was named Mexican Hat---or where I was taking them.
I think the last time I was here I was with ole' GasPipe ??? Not sure ????

The rock needs no explanation.

On a previous trip to Mexican hat----we stopped in the local cafe and I took a picture of a picture that was hanging on the wall.
This picture is awesome !!!!!! This girl is hanging and repelling from the top of the Mexican Hat rock.

From there we headed Northeast on the paved route 163 for just a couple miles and turned North and rode thru "Valley Of The Gods"
About 20 miles of some georgeous scenery.

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