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Professor seems OK and is riding fine

Killurtv handles that beast

Still no KurtW so N2 goes back to see if heís OK

Kurt shook something electrical loose but they got it sorted pretty quick and back on the trail

Letís get going!

No pictures of the 35 mile deluge we rode through to get to Fields about 4PM. I was completely soaked and going through the list of stupid things I did not bring with on this anticipated sunny desert tour. Face mask, Latex gauntlet gloves (XXL that slide right over moto gloves), hand guards, extra layers, lip balm, SPACE BLANKET! Kurt had one and we split it for the 35 miles back to camp. Stuffed that thing into my gear and we headed north into the weather and just hoping the playa is crossable back to our camp.

Hey donít laugh too hard - those things actually work!

So many shots we didnít stop to take. Followed N2 onto the super slick and gooey surface. He had no problems but my bald-assed rear tire was quite thrilling on this surface. Professor out there soldiering on.

I didnít see Killurtv behind me so I stopped and got off my bike - another mistake

It doesnít look that bad but you could barely walk on that stuff

Killurtv had the out riggers down and rode for miles on that 990 but never went down. Got back to camp, thereís my ancient North Face VE25 tent that no longer sheds water.

N2Motoís 2 wheel drive van and trailer

Sad camp

It kinda let up for a bit and we made the decision to high-tail off the playa

Packed up all our muddy crap and headed west for the shoreline

Killurtv went ahead in his 4WD Tundra and told us to go 45 mph or weíd get stuck

That worked great till we spun the Sprinter van - scariest thing Iíve been through in 2013 but KurtW got us off the mud and we paid to camp across from the hot springs. Took a soak and hit the hay. My brother and his contingent decided to stick it out at camp and hope for better conditions the next day. I couldnít risk it due to work.

There were some others soaking when finally got there.

4 people from camp decided to get their rig completely stuck in the perma-puddle down from the springs. The next morning it was better but they were completely stuck out there. They had been warned

Paul form the ALvord ranch stopped by to coordinate the tow.

We headed for Crane to have breakfast and possibly soak.

Crystal Crane Hot Springs

Brothers, OR

Rainbow near KurtWís house

Thereís more but thatís all I have - thanks for the ride Kurt!
What's next? More action!
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