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With all the un-necessary stress it was time to relax over breakfast and on to Pe Ella I rode.

Eveyís looked like it might have a nice meal.


The bucket on the roof makes me wonder what itís for.


While I was having breakfast people came and went and it was clear it was the local meeting place. They were all older folks and some, maybe most, retired. They were talking and I was listeningÖ. They talked about farming and the crops. They talked about other people in the area. They talked politics. They talked about their hopes and dreams. There was a couple talking with another couple and the one lady talked about how they saved all their lives to travel and now they were retired and would be able to as soon as he finished recovering from his stroke. They appeared to be in their Ď70s and the man looked like he was in very bad shape, barely able to walk and dragging an oxygen bottle behind him. Sadly I donít think that lady is going to be able to achieve her dream of traveling with the man she loves.

The closer I get to my retirement years I worry I wonít have the money to do the things I want because I have spent my life doing things I wanted. Then I see people like that who worked and saved their entire lives to get to retirement but not able to enjoy it. At least when I am forced to stop doing thing I do either because of health or lack of money at least I will have my memories and ton of pictures.

The stools looked lonely

I like quaint small town churches. They always make me feel positive about the world and they remind me to say a little prayer and be thankful for the good things in life.


For a bit the ride wasnít all that spectacular

Then I saw the Menlo store and I smiled while memories ran around in my mind.

In 2007 I attended a rally that is located behind that store. There was about 100 people and only 3 or 4 women. I was a bit intimidated since I was still new in the adventure world, I didnít know anyone, and certainly the minority with being a woman. I tried to talk with a few people but I was really out of my element and I was having a difficult time making connections. Not that the people werenít friendly, they were, but I was being insecure.

As I was walking across the field which was the camping area I spotted the nicest looking bike ride in. I was riding my F650 but I hadnít seen a black and white F650 Dakar before and it really got my attention. It had a nice assortment of farkles which just added to it. I had to get a closer look so I was required to talk to itís owner.

All in all that wasnít a bad thing because the owner was alinbeaverton now know as Loud Al and he became a good friend.

Thoughts of meeting Allan made me smile then I thought about the rest of the weekend, the riding class and another friend, Tantrum, showing up and her trail makeup.


Yep, someday if I get to the point where I canít do much I will still have good memories, very good memories.
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