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Originally Posted by Plaka View Post
No offence but...stick to points.

"deep into a beancan" isn't. I can go in, change out the advance weights and be out in 15 minutes. Another 5 has it installed and the timing set. Replacing costly parts that work fine is pointless (so to speak).
no offense taken ... got my choice of beancan with halls or points. can't tell much if any difference in performance. points for me .. halls for you .. choice is good.

down to advance weights and back together in 15 minutes is pretty good

for folks like me who would rather not go back in again. one is much better off changing out a 30 year old halls module vs putting it back in .. here's one for $23 in ebay.

according to Honeywell engineers, original halls module are good for millions of cycles .. 30 years later it's not the number of trigger cycles causing failures. but more likely the number of heat cycles that's causing failures.

also called a universal cam angle sensor
here's a few part number crosses:

Honeywell 2AV54
Siemens HKZ101
Bosch 1237011052.
BB Automacao CYHME56
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