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FlyRescue - curious, do you tip the waiter if you go out to eat? Assuming you can stomach some truly absurd margins the restaurant business demands and actually go out to eat that is...

Having managed a few retail stores and done the math on what it takes to keep the lights on, anything below 20% really quickly stops making sense of you have any employees. There's a reason small businesses only have a few employees, they're expensive. Especially if you want good ones. Then there's the whole cost of heart that building in Alaska... I'd have bought that water cooled gs I keep lusting over at trails end if i didn't have to buy oil and pellets to stay warm. Probably an atv too. Sorry Justin, hope you and yours are safe over there.

Re: Bob's bmw. Great shop, used to live 20mins from them. Bought a helmet and some gear from them. They're great at what they do but it was easily the most expensive shop in the dc area for just about everything. But the do what they do so well plus actually have inventory such as jackets in all sizes, helmets in all sizes, gloves in all sizes, a full range of women's gear, and parts in stock, that a lot of people were and are willing to pay for it. Of course, they also have 100x as many local customers...

As far as parts and apparel go, I'd love it if local shops would have what i need when i need it. I also know it's an impossible task most of the time. Some times i do better online, sometimes i make out fine locally, sometimes i get to choose getting screwed by shipping or 'overpaying' locally (of which I'll choose the latter). I honestly just wish i could find tires up here for something close to what i could get them for down south. Shipped up or purchased locally, it chaps my ass to pay double for rubber than i used to.
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