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Hey I don't know where or how really to put this but will try this spot anyway.

Just a bit of joviality or call it even celebration of his life but I just can't get all this RIP for Ivan, it's not right the Wildman will not and cannot rest in peace :).

As dick said, they have know idea what is about to arrive. Your enthusiasm and down right rudeness will be missed my friend, any way the big fella can look after himself from here, what really worries me is the lovely girls left behind and what support will be needed for them to lose such a large part of their life.

He also has a business with a bunch of people that also relied on him for their well being and his too.

All this has to go on and hopefully without falling apart.

Maybe it is all under control but I would and as a group would hope that we could all be confident the right help is going to be there and if there is anything we or I could do to assist any part of the life left behind I would cherish to be able to.

There must be some ambassador amongst us who is close enough to maybe find out and offer our combined or even individual help?

I knew Ivan but not family and feel for them.

Like I said i am not sure how to do this and it's a pretty emotional time but it's times like these that it would be nice to be able to help in some way. Even if it's only thoughts but would like to offer more if it's needed.


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