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I'll be looking to explore a few more areas out where we were in the coming weeks.

Best as I can see, while there are canal roads or dirt roads that pass under I-75, there is no real way to get to them. I'm seeing some possible access from the Tamiami Trail (which I feel I should get down to and ride at least once for the history of it), and from a point that it looks like we could have turned west from while on the Miami canal. One way or another I'm hooked on it, as flat as it was, just for getting out and riding.

I haven't been thinking of much else since that ride. I'm probably going to order a new rear Shinko 705 just to have the traction for some of the exploring I'd like to do out there, and I already have the tow-rope on the bike if anyone wants to venture in with me (it would suck to get stuck out there alone).
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