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Originally Posted by skierd View Post
As far as parts and apparel go, I'd love it if local shops would have what i need when i need it. I also know it's an impossible task most of the time. Some times i do better online, sometimes i make out fine locally, sometimes i get to choose getting screwed by shipping or 'overpaying' locally (of which I'll choose the latter). I honestly just wish i could find tires up here for something close to what i could get them for down south. Shipped up or purchased locally, it chaps my ass to pay double for rubber than i used to.
Looks like you're in FBKS so it might not help but Alaska Leather meets those requirements for me. I have bought tires from Barb at a better price than I could find anywhere on line even if they did ship them for free. They have somehow always had the gear I needed, in my size, and for on-line comparable pricing or better. I do go there during sales and movie night when they've got killer discounts. Besides all that, it's fun going there and they treat you like family

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