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Originally Posted by Dan Alexander View Post
Do you still have the production deal with the utility or camper trailer guy?

Any thoughts from him on shelter when the unit is open and it starts to rain?

I need one of these to mount on a sidecar frame

Yes, Jayson of Cozy Cruiser holds the manufacturing rights. I picked up spud II at his shop last week and and will be testing the new top at City of Rocks as soon as I get it done. The shelter top meets the same design criteria as Spud; Dismount bike, retrieve beer, open beer and hold in left hand-- access bed and cargo with right. Top: Dismount bike, retrieve beer, open beer and hold in left hand-- Install top with right hand (no zips, snaps, Velcro, or shock-rods), sip beer, pull rig open with right hand, sit on dry bunk out of rain and finish beer.

I'm thinking of making some long thin signs to post on fence posts like the BermaShave signs I saw as a kid.

Out At The Bar?

Had Too Much Bud?

Don't Drive Drunk!

Snooze In Your Spud.

Idaho Bedroll

Here's a pic of Spud II at the coast last week. I meet a fellow who showed how well the printed word still works at promotion and persuasion.

Met Cliff as I sat in spud watching the sets roll in. He baited me by the handing out of a post card with an exotic Cambodian setting centered around his girl. She, Bulgarian, became his travel companion in the far-east. Cliff watches me flip the card. I ask, "Bunnies?" and puzzle over what I'm reading. [SNAP]

"Well, because you asked." Cliff smiles as he holds up a small packet. "May I take a picture of you with Bunny teeth?"'

I peel the teeth and slip them under my lip. Bunny teeth smile.


Cliff's girl.

It pleases me, this fraternity of motoring odd fellows I find myself among.

Safe ride, brother.

Papa, would you like your old cell?

Yes, please.
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