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September 26, 2013

Today was primarily another bike prep day. It’s amazing how much time you can spend tinkering on bikes and fretting over all the little stuff, despite weeks of preparation on the bike prior to coming to Italy.

There is always a lot of nervous energy and guys were anxious to get on their bikes and shake out some of the nerves and bugs by getting on the test track. After just a few laps on the test track, many of the guys (and girls) looked as though they had just completed a dusty National Hare n’ Hound. Their gear, goggles, and bikes were completely covered in silty dust.

Many teams were required to impound by today, so upon leaving the paddock area tonight, about half of the impound was full of bikes. The U.S. Team is scheduled to go through administrative check-in and inspection late tomorrow afternoon after which all the bikes will be impounded, not to be touched again until Monday morning.

I’ve also decided to add one “cultural observation of the day” to my reports. After all, we are in a different country and some of the funny little cultural differences and nuances are part of what makes this event such an experience.

Just as we experienced in Germany last year, Europeans pretty much don’t believe in ice in their drinks. We are in a very modern hotel (Hilton) for the city we are staying and there are a few ice machines, but aside from that and McDonalds, you don’t have a drink over ice. Bread is hard and dry, and most eating establishments shut down in late afternoon until sometime between 7:00-8:00 at night where they reopen. Don’t ask us how we know  Also, cars over here are tiny tiny. SMART cars, Fiats, etc., are everywhere, and the cars here in Italy make the cars last year in Germany look huge.

Mopeds are everywhere, and this is one the Finnish team brought for hauling gear around the pits. It reminds me of the one Nacho Libre rides.

Thanks to USWE for providing drink systems and fanny packs to the U.S. team this year. Josh received one of these drink systems last year and they are seriously the best, the way they don’t bounce around. Check out for purchasing in the United States.

Brian Storrie from Texas is riding on the Senior Team this year. Here is doing final prep. Check out the nice sponsor “logos” on his tires. Supporters from home bought tires for each day of the Six Days.

This is one of the test riders in the Special Test we walked today.

The one test we walked today. This is very close to town….right next to a bowling alley and some retail stores. Nothing really exciting about this test…..pretty much a vacant lot with not a lot of rocks and nothing particularly technical.

Josh walking this test. It is known as the “Basa Test” (sorry for all the pics of Josh walking tests, but he’s pretty much the only one I’m with when walking tests, so that’s what you get).

Ryan Kudla’s KTM 300 after all the goodies and graphics were installed. Lots of beautiful bikes in the pits.

Zach Osborne and his mechanic doing some prep on his Geico Honda 250F.

Junior Trophy Team member Jesse Groemm prepping some tires.

Kurt Caselli’s bike ready for action.

Mark Hyde doing some prep on Taylor Robert’s Kawasaki. Everyone helps out regardless of what bike you’re riding.

I’m really excited to see how Zach Osborne does in this format of racing and with these conditions.

Jimmy Jarrett was prepping his bike all day next to us. Somebody asked him who his mechanic was this year, and he said, “me”.

Team Australia, right across the pits from the U.S. Team.

Jeff Fredette selling T-shirts and prepping his bike….getting ready for ISDE number 33. Amazing.

Mike Brown’s factory KTM.

Zach Osborne’s Honda. I’d love to see him line up at the Anaheim supercross in a few months on this bike with headlight, taillight, kickstand, and skidplate.

This is what the KTM ISDE Special Edition bikes (rental bikes) look like. This is Alex Dorsey’s bike (from Northern California) after he’d been to the test track.

Scott Bright’s son (from Colorado). Scott will be riding on the Senior Team with Jeff Fredette and Brian Storrie.

Ryan Sipes “factory” RockStar Suzuki bike. He was over in the corner with the rest of us prepping his own bike. Great to see a professional MX’er prepping his own bike like the rest of the humble club riders. I think his bike is the only Suzuki I’ve seen in the entire pits.

Jimmy Jarrett’s Kawasaki after he was finished prepping. Jimmy is riding on the Wellard Club Team with Nick Fahringer and Ryan Sipes. Talk about a stacked club team……with a factory Husaberg rider, a professional MX’er, and Jimmy Jarrett….former GNCC champion and Trophy Team member.
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