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Originally Posted by Red9 View Post
Throw a leg over the damn thing and go on out into the country and ride.
Don't head out into heavy traffic or down any super twisty roads but dammit man, ride! Even if it's in an empty parking lot or up and down an empty street.
Learn how to operate and get a feel for the controls, the brakes and throttle. How to balance at a stop etc.
i have advocated this method in the past, and this is how i learned. however, a buddy of mine recently lost his spleen and a kidney because he followed my advice on how to learn. he rode for an hour or so in a parking lot getting used to the feel of his new to him monster 750, then rode to the gas station to fill the tank. upon exiting the gas station he managed to completely lose control of the bike and ram in to a concrete wall.

i am no longer sure that the 'throw a leg over and ride' method is a good one. maybe it depends on the person.
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