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Originally Posted by Red9 View Post

I can't believe some of the people here advocating not to ride until you have taken "the course."

Makes me wonder how us old folks survived! Believe it or not junior, many of us here took up motorcycling long before there were any courses to take.

Throw a leg over the damn thing and go on out into the country and ride.
Don't head out into heavy traffic or down any super twisty roads but dammit man, ride! Even if it's in an empty parking lot or up and down an empty street.
Learn how to operate and get a feel for the controls, the brakes and throttle. How to balance at a stop etc.

And don't listen to the pussies who didn't throw a leg over until somebody ran alongside and held their hand. They'll tell you you're going to learn bad habits and blah blah blah....

I strongly recommend you do take a riding course but did you take a course to learn how to ride your first bicycle?
Yup, taught myself, back in the mid 1950s. Started with Cushman scooters because we had a scooter law that allowed 14 yo kids to operate anything 5 hp or less. Back then, kids got out of the house and DID things, because there was no Internet and daytime TV sucked. There was one phone in the back hall, and we were on a party line. I rode a bicycle to school year round and it was my main transport. Times were different, and most of the guys could ride and drive by the time they got a license.
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