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Originally Posted by Dorito View Post
Challenge 7: The Figure 8 Box.

This one wasn't nearly as treacherous as the one road version. Mostly because I think it was slightly larger, and you could stand on the pegs to get the bike more leaned. Nonetheless, if you are going to win this baby, I suggest you put a box under your pillow to learn via osmosis, or take your corporate parking spot (and maybe your buddies) and cone it, or just practice lock-to-lock slow turns.
The box rides/ figure 8's that I normally do go pretty well but these were particularly tight.....need more practice obviously from both the standing position and sitting since that's what we had to do on day 1.

Originally Posted by Dorito View Post
Challenge 8: The riders' view of the rock garden.

After the camel humps, the half buried culverts, the rock garden seemed pretty smooth! Next time, maybe I will look for all the cones, and not whack the exit gate.

Next off to the non-scored play area...
All this stuff rode actually really well except some decided that a bit more throttle was necessary which got exciting a few times.

Originally Posted by Dorito View Post
The morning session ends with on a high note for me. The weather has been holding out, and it seems there is little left to worry about. However, this thought should have been quelled, as I apparently have missed a key-indicator of the afternoon would deliver terror.

To relax everyone, they turn out 45 riders in the area, affectionately known as the play pen. It consists of a handful of bike games, all unscored. Do all of them, none of them, practice yogi, sleep, this is just time to have some good ‘ol GS fun.

The most fun were the big camel humps. They always say not to go flying over an unknow hill. Sure enough, this pit was bone dry when we rode it...and here it is with 3+ feet of water the next morning

The PlayPen Layout:

1. Limbo pole (ride under without knocking the pole onto the ground)

2. Circle racing (two riders start at opposite ends of the barrels. The rider to catch up to the other rider first wins (or if the other rider leaves course)

3. Ride the rut

4. Spin the rope (ride circles on the rope until it’s all the way wrapped around the pole)

5. Ride the camel humps

6. Rodeo Barrels. Here you ride up to the middle (#2) barrel. Take a bottle and put in the furthest barrel (#3). Take a bottle from the furthest barrel (#3) and put in nearest barrel (#1).

7. Ride the Plank Ride up and over the two humps and 4 wooden planks

The victory lap around the obstacles is next up...
This was actually a great little area to ride which allowed you to practice many different skills at your own pace. This area would have been a great starter for the event....just to get the cobwebs out and get your head in the game. At the end of the second day the heavens opened up and we got as I recall it over 2 inches of rain! We were laughing and discussing the camel humps and how much water would be in them...Dana and Erik thought they would drain well due to all the sand in the area but I figured they would have some water in them....not just quite that much.
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