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i've been riding for almost 10 years, have done track days, track schools, race schools, BRC, ARC (in that order), and still do not always feel 100% confident on the bike. i'll still occasionally lock-up when something unexpected happens, although with what i've learned i can recover a lot faster than i used to be able to. at first i would lock-up, target fixate and sometimes crash, whereas now the training usually will kick in and i can fix the problem, then sort of shake my head at making a newbie mistake when i get in a little over my head.

one thing that i have found is that my feel for a bike is very tire pressure sensitive. a change of 3 or 4 psi seems to have a huge impact on my confidence on a bike. too low and i can feel the bike sort of hunting for a line and not taking a set mid corner, while too high and the bike seems to flop over on entry which kind of ruins the rest of the corner for me.

to be honest, the BRC was probably the least helpful training i've received due to the slow speeds and dogmatic teaching. conversely, the ARC was the most revealing in terms of what a rider can "get away with" in terms of control inputs to the bike.
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i have advocated this method in the past, and this is how i learned. however, a buddy of mine recently lost his spleen and a kidney because he followed my advice on how to learn. he rode for an hour or so in a parking lot getting used to the feel of his new to him monster 750, then rode to the gas station to fill the tank. upon exiting the gas station he managed to completely lose control of the bike and ram in to a concrete wall.

i am no longer sure that the 'throw a leg over and ride' method is a good one. maybe it depends on the person.
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