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I ride my tiger like a sportbike. When on the twisties, I am up on the balls of my foot, digging my heel in, leaning off the bike (turns out I have to lean off a LOT to keep the pegs from dragging).

Apparently I was pressing my right heel guard against the exhaust... and it started melting against the pipe.

Can't have that... so I ordered the SW-Motech heel guards, right and left. Unfortunately they only come in unpainted aluminum... so I scuffed them up with sandpaper, coated them with duplicolor self-etching primer, then some rustoleum semi-gloss black bbq paint. Happy with how they turned out.

I also installed the Triumph tall adjustable windscreen. I'll try this before the more expensive options. I actually like the height of the OEM screen, the problem is that on twisty roads I like riding with my visor up - and it created a vacuum pocket right at the top of my helmet which pulls my visor back down!

Doing a long ride with the girlfriend this weekend, we'll see how this does.

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