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I always love returning to the Check Point tent. The caterers have always left us some goodies. This time, itís lunch. Part of me longs to be inside the permanent building, as the meals were downright fabulous there. Still, I find myself hungry and available food, so I relent. With the thunderstorm advancing, the weather is very pleasant in the tent.

After lunch, let the waiting games begin.

We are given the 15 minute suit-up call.

Then we wait.

And then we are given another 5 min call. It's not easy dreaming about your 12th place...

And we wait. About 1.5 hours later, we advance to the scavenger hunt. Basically, all the teams enter the woods on foot looking for bits of a bike color-coded to their team color. Assemble the 5 parts, and ride the bike out of the woods.

While the red team was the first to gather all of the parts from the woods, our team (purple) was the first to actually stage the bike back in the box. Then two more teams collected. However, despite our brief moment of victory, we had missed a rider in the woods so we probably came in 3rd place.
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