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There are three State Parks in a short distance along the ocean and it was now time to look for the cache in this park.



Iíve been here before. It was during an ADV event called wetfest recon. It was a follow up weekend after a good wetfest weekend. The downside is after breakfast while riding with a group, doing an easy ride, a young man on a sport bike didnít make a corner and crashed. I was right behind him and watching someone wreck is un-nerving. He broke his collar-bone but was basically OK. SighÖ.

Back to more pleasant thoughts and finding that cache.



Oh, thatís right Iím supposed to be looking for a cache not playing with birds. The cache is over there near or on the jetty.


I looked for the cache


And looked



And looked, I spotted surfers but no cache


And looked


And never did find that little bugger so I have to return.
There was another park to find a cache in but first to check out a few of the backroads.

Dry cranberry bog


These bogs will look much different this fall when the cranberries are on.


I made my way to the next park


Once I got there I saw it was a distance to the cache. I thought about it and decided since I need to return to the area anyway I would save this one to look for it at the same time.

I hit the main road then I-5 headed for the next state-park. Sculptures along the interstate.


I must have been getting tired since I didnít take any more pictures that day. I slept well, was rested and ready to head home the next morning.
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