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Originally Posted by Mambo Dave View Post
I've viewed a lot of it via google maps and have seen multiple areas that aren't farmland, and seem cross-able, and I want such options when exploring parts of it.

I'm still open to heading out any time, preferably on a dry day though just because of what we're aiming to accomplish, and because some of the blockaded crossings can't be seen from google map satellite images.
be careful where you are out there..........getting into Big Cypress or Everglades land is a big no no. They can take your bike!! Stay on the roads and I would caution on bypassing gates. Lots of the areas are closed off with the Offroad vehicle gates which are permit required and a motorcycle cannot get the permits. I guess they figure we are to rowdy and will do more damage than the four wheelers that they do allow!!!

The area around the squares and then west of that off Sable Palm has tons of trails to ride!!! In the Squares you gotta be careful of location because east of the main canal is all designated inside the 'glades restoration project and they frown upon being there. Kyle B and I one day got up in there and ended up on the protected area side of the security gate for the restoration and pump station project. They didn't shoot us but weren't real happy that we were there.........we mostly played lost and stupid and they let us go with no issues!!! Areas out off the main roads right now will be deep in mud and water......if the rain lets up they will be great to ride starting hopefully late December.

somebody asked where is the Squares. Google Janes Scenic Drive. follow it from SR 29 to the west. It will eventually lead to a grid area out in the swamps. This was suppose to be one of the 'buy land in the Everglades' communities that were really real estate scams for the most part. A bunch of the pavement and/or hard packed trails are still there, especially to the west. Most of the roads to the east have been leveled for the most part and canals are being filled to return the natural flow of the 'glades. This is part of 'glades restoration project mentioned above. Lots of fun riding. At about the west center of the Squares you will see where Sable Palm Road ties in. This can also be accessed from the Naples area off of US-41. This road is more fun to ride and get can pretty hairy especially in the wet season. There are lots of trails that intersect Sable Palm as you get closer to the Squares. Bigger bikes can run them, but IMHO, judging by the amount of mud on the bikes.......the smaller bikes are better suited riding the trails off Sable Palm. When it dries up and gets cooler, this is the place to ride down here I think.

For those in the south of Dade County there is all the roads south of Palm Drive. If you follow 137 Ave South you will see where it basically ends as an 'improved and maintained' road right at Palm Drive near the race track. South of that there are miles and miles of grid roads that for the most part are numbered streets but were never improved. Its been my experience that sometimes the cops hassle the four wheelers and dirt bikes, but for the most part they to not bother street legal dual sports at all. This area can get pretty muddy and churned up good because of the four wheelers. Its a place you probably don't want to venture too deep into alone. Also be careful to shy away from the FPL property lines out there.

Like I said before on the Miami Canal stuff, there is tons to ride, but you will spend a bunch of time back tracking because of closed gates or deadends. Just make sure you now the park boundaries. There are lots of roads that look like they connect the asphalt but most times you find a gate at one end or the other. Prime example is Hill Grade Road that connects 833 and 835 most of the time there is an open gate on the 833 side, but I have never seen the 835 side gate open. I also noticed last winter that many of the roads/areas I use to get to down this way had new gates and fresh boulders to limit access.

another trick I have found on google maps that works good for locating gates is to chase the road to blacktop and then hit the street view. A good precentage of the roads out there have been well photographed by google maps and you can spin the view and zoom to look for a gate.........occasionally you will find where they actually went down the dirt roads until they hit a gate.

I hope soon to get out with you guys.......busy at home and work right now
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