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Originally Posted by LittleWan View Post
Hola amigos!
I thought this thing would be dead...
Thanks for the continued nice comments!
Glad you're still watching the videos!
Does this mean you miss us or is work just extra slow?


Matt is bummed to miss it!
But, we're on the road right now. Will be in Oklahoma! oklahoma! oklahoma! tomorrow.
(I would do that steve martin link, but youtube is blocked at this motel )

I think Radek was talking about doing the Desert 100...

Matt just said that if he does it, he wants to win!
(no wife)

oh, Ceasar!
Welcome to the club, haha! It gets easier, don't worry.
At least you didn't find any damage...

Rick flattened his rim for the first time, too!

Sorry, guys. Ride with us and you might as well kiss your resale value goodbye!

sorry to quote this whole thing, i dunno how to do just the pic?.... but?...

where'd you get that lead wire you're balancing the wheel with?.... i want some of that....
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