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'89 KDX vs shiny new toys...

Originally Posted by Lav1200 View Post
Dean - I sold the KDX when I got the GasGas. It was a good bike for me to learn that I like riding single-track. Turns out though that I'm no faster or better on the GG... apparently it wasn't the bike holding me back.

If I could do it again, I'd still get the KDX and just ride it, instead of throwing $$ at it to make it a better bike.
Andy, I would love to hear more about what you did to your KDX. If memory serves, you did a fork swap? Maybe it's a good reason to hook up for a beverage to hear the details!

I plan on keeping mine for quite a while, and it certainly doesn't owe me anything, so I will make some small adjustments (bar risers/bars, fit hand guards into my bark busters), additions (skid plate, spark arrestor) and general maintenance (fix odo cable). Might tear her down this winter. My friend and I got the lights working this week - first time since 1992!

Interesting comment about the bike not making a difference in riding ability. It actually is nice to hear, so I don't get jealous of shiny new ones! I think the dirt bike technology was advancing significantly in the 1980's with water cooling, disc brakes and single shocks, that by the 1990's, most bikes were fairly similar. Ergonomics have continued to change, with more gradual steps in technology. And let's not discount BNG's (Bold New Graphics)!

I find that my mountain biking experience transfers very well to dirt biking, and vice versa; especially my trials-like abilities! Things such as riding figure eights super slowly, doing brake stands, hopping curbs, riding up rock ledges, balancing on logs, etc. on a bicycle first and then on a motorbike really pay off!
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