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"The closer I get to my retirement years I worry I won’t have the money to do the things I want because I have spent my life doing things I wanted. Then I see people like that who worked and saved their entire lives to get to retirement but not able to enjoy it. At least when I am forced to stop doing thing I do either because of health or lack of money at least I will have my memories and ton of pictures. "

Hi Ladybug!

I've popped in on this thread a few times over the past months and I keep "bumping into" you around other ride reports I've been following. I recently decided I need to be more active on the forums so other people might get to feeling like they know me as much as I start feeling like I know them!

I wanted to poke in and say "Hi!" and let you know I'm loving your reports... then I saw this quote and had to chime in to echo my strong support for the thought: I have spent many years being berated for not "taking life seriously" and "planning for the future" and I have always held firm to the notion that it makes no sense to overlook the now for a future that may never come.

I always used my uncle as a prime example: He spent most of my lifetime working double shifts and missing his children growing up so that he could put in the required number of hours to retire with his full pension at 55. I always thought he was gambling on an unpromised future... and then, 6 months before he turned 55, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

He spent the last few months of his life struggling just to stay alive until his 55th birthday so that his wife would get the pension they had spent the last 25 years planning on spending together.

I do wish he hadn't proved to be quite such a good example of what I'd been saying all those years. But he certainly couldn't have proven my point any more profoundly!

On a less heavy note, the geocaching looks like a great way to find new places to ride. I might have to look into it myself.

I'll be looking forward to more of your gorgeous pictures!
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