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Back in "the day" there weren't the dangers on the road there are now. Bikes didn't go and stop like modern ones either. Plenty has changed. I took my first course 20 odd years after learning to ride from my dad, uncle and grand father. All had been life long bikers. Not riders, bikers. They were all concerned about my interest until they figured out the kind of riding I fell in love with. What could a "course" possibly teach me they couldn't? Answer? PLENTY
I took it so a friend who had never ridden would have someone he knew in the class. I'm not sure I didn't get more out of it than he did. Lots of bad habits to break and a mound of info I didn't know. Never even thought about.
Too many teach, or try to teach a buddy to ride and it ends in disaster. Professional instruction isn't always the end all, but it is a good start. Are you one who think slow speed parking lot drills don't help in the so called "Real World" too. This faulted thought can't be farther from the truth.
I had a great instructor, so all aren't created equal, but it is time and money well spent, just go in open minded and ready for criticism. If you can handle it, the course is great. The ARC is even better, IMHO.

If you go back and read my post I suggested drills in an empty parking lot and to take the course.

As to dangers on the road back in the day....

My first bike was a 2 stroke with a power band about 2 seconds long, a front wheel that wouldn't stay down and brakes that provided as much stopping power as riding across a strip of flypaper. There were a lot less of us on the roads and less cars too, which also meant people were'nt near as aware that we even existed. Add to that wheels that were just a tad wider than most mountain bikes.

You can say any age or time was more or less dangerous...

But you'll never convince anyone near my age or older that a general pussification of the population hasn't occurred since.

We've all got stories of a person getting hurt trying something new.
Soon some people will be suggesting "why not go all the way and nobody fucking move!"

Get on the damn thing and ride or start taking estrogen.
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